Reading Journal

13, 5 2014

Dear ms.Sara,

I am reading The Vimpires Diary. Is about a girl name Elena she come from the airport and she was going home she was board of living in the same house,the next day she prepering to go to school but it was late she didn't eat dinner she said to her mom she will buy a dunut, in  the way to school  she see something in the tree but it was a bird. My favorite character was Elena because she is very beautiful and she have power that the boys are gentle with her. A question i have to the author is what was the grand ispiratoin to write this book that is very good. My favorite part of the book is when a new student come to school and Elena want to now all about him and she say to a friend to go to the office and get the sheddule of him.My prediction is that Elena will think the boy will be a vimpire and write all what he do in her diarie.


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