All you need is to be against!
Attention March To Sea Is Not Wanted!

Sherman's March To Sea

Sherman Davis March To Sea

I am against Sherman's march to sea. This march to sea was to capture Atlanta Georgia. This march was from November 15 to December 21, 1864. This march to me was not good because Sherman Davis's men destroyed all food sources and many other things and they left many hungry people behind. Sherman Davis destroyed almost everything. He destroyed places where there was resistance. Atlanta Georgia was completely destroyed and rebuilt from its ashes. It was a bad thing to happen for the South but a great thing to happen for the North.

I can compare the horrible event to another horrible event, which is the holocaust. They both destroyed peoples lives. During the holocaust a lot of people were killed and basically their lives were destroyed. Adolf Hitler had ruined lots of peoples lives. During the march to sea, their lives were destroyed because they were hungry and they really didn't have anything because Sherman Davis and his men destroyed many of peoples lives also. They both were bad events that took place.

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