Palestinian Islamic Jihad

By: Alyssa Gartman

Palestinian Islamic Jihad operates in Palestinian territories. It was originally based in Egypt, later moved to the Gaza Strip, then moved to Lebanon and in 1989 it was later moved to Damascus, Syria and has been based there ever since.

The people who are involved in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have split from the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood in the Gaza Strip. They are committed to the creation of an Islamic / Palestinian State.

The goal of the Palestine Islamic Jihad is that they wanted to establish a Palestinian Islamic State. They presume that armed conflict alone will bring about a solution to the Palestinian problem and maintain a Jihadist ideology. The Palestine Islamic Jihad want to destroy Israel.

There are less than 1,000 people who are involved in the Palestine Islamic Jihad.

The Palestine Islamic Jihad was established on November 1, 1981.

The Palestine Islamic Jihad's activities or specific acts of terrorism is that on April 9, 1995: there were two suicide attacks, both using rigged cars as weapons, exploded on Jewish settlements in Gaza, killing eight and injury forty two. In May 2001: they stoned to death two boys that were kidnapped from a West Bank settlement. On October 4, 2003: a suicide bomber exploded herself at Maxim restaurant in Haifa, injuring sixty and killing twenty one.

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