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dpstar is a leading manufacturer, project consulting/execution, and a trading company based in Malaysia with expertise in various factory automation & control components, building automation as well as process/hybrid control systems. We have been a key manufacturer of thermocouples and industrial heaters in Malaysia since our inception in 1996 with presence in states across Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur (KL), Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru, and Selangor.dpstar Group constantly strives to provide superior quality and highly reliable products at competitive prices for all our clients and dealers, and as a result have built a reputation for being one of the largest suppliers of industrialelectrical heater and thermocouples through our manufacturing brands Maltec-T and Maltec-H. dpstar Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is based in Kuala Lumpur (KL, Malaysia), and is the only electrical and industrial heater manufacturer to have been accredited with the prestigious UL certificate in the country, along with ISO 9001, UKAS, and Standards.More specifically we are a major manufacturer, supplier, and distributor with extensive specialization in product categories of temperature controllers, humidity controllers, electrical heaters, drum heaters, industrial heaters, cartridge heaters, tubular heaters, bobbin heaters, immersion heaters, finned heaters, band heaters, ceramic heaters, anti condensation heaters, circulation heaters, infrared heaters, industrial furnaces, rtd sensors, pressure switches, float switches, thermowell , chart recorders, pressure gauges, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, load cells and so on.We pride ourselves as being a prominent and advanced humidity sensor, temperature sensor, and thermocouple manufacturer in Malaysia, and supply thermocouples ranging from thermocouple type K, type J, type T, type E, type R, type S, as well as RTD sensor type PT 50, PT100, PT500, PT1000. In Malaysia, and in the ASEAN region of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines we are a sole or regional distributor/agent for over 40 reputable agency products.Under dpstar Group, brands that we are proudly regional distributor or sole Malaysia distributor are reputed brands such as Shimaden from Japan (humidity and temperature controller), Rotronic of Switzerland (temperature and humidity transmitter), PR Electronics of Denmark (temperature transmitter and signal conditioner), Simex of Poland (data logger and paperless recorder), LAE of Italy (refrigeration and chiller controller) and many other renowned international brands.Our vision statement is simply to be the preferred process control, automation, and distributor of industrial and electrical products in Malaysia, and to continuously provide cutting-edge technology and solutions to all our clients.dpstar is a responsive organization with an emphasis on dynamic innovation. From its catalogue of standard products to products that we custom made according to customers’ specification, dpstar pledged quality and excellence in all our products and services, and provide designs that are able to negate any process complications.dpstar is now a sole agent or distributor for over 40 reputator agency products.ABB~ Electronic Products & RelaysAOIP~ Temperature and Process CalibratorsADELSYSTEM~ DC Switching Power SupplyAPLISENS~ Differential Pressure & Pressure TransmittersALISH~ Panel Meter, Transmitter, Transducer, Power Meter, Proximity Sensor, Photoelectric SensorBECK~ Differential Pressure Switch and TransmittersBECKER~ Immersion HeaterBEIJER / HITECH~ Industrial Touch Screens / HMICIMON~ PLC, Programmable Logic Controller, Touch Screen, SCADA, Industrial PCCENTER~ Handheld ThermometerCET ELETRIC~ Silicone CableCERAMICX~ Infrared HeaterDAIICHI DENKO~ Anti Condensation HeaterDINI ARGEO~ Weighing Indicator, Load CellELPRO~ Humidity & Temperature Data Logger SpecialistsEREMA HEATERS~ Silicon Carbide HeatersFATEK~ PLC, Programmable Logic ControllerFLUKE~ Test & Measurement Equipment, Multimeter, Infrared Thermometer, HVAC SpecialistFLINTEC~ Load Cell, Weighing Indicators, Weighing Controllers, Load Cell TransmitterFLEXELEC~ Flexible Heating CableHAYASHI DENKO~ Thermocouple RTD Sensors PT50, PT100, PT500, PT1000HAPN~ Low, Mid, High Voltage SoftstarterISOTECH~ Temperature calibratorINVT~ Frequency Inverters / AC DrivesPR ELECTRONICS~ Temperature & Universal Signal TransmittersKURABE~ Heat Resistance CablesKOKUSAI CHART~ Chart PapersKUBLER~ Timer, Counter, Encoder, Slip Rings, Linear Encoder, Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Preset Counter, Mechanical Timer, Mechanical CounterLUTRON~ Anemometer, Thermometer, Light Meter, Sound Level Meter, PH Meter, DCA/ACA Clamp MeterLAE~ Refrigerator ControllersMALTEC-H~ Electrical Heaters, Furnace, Oven, Circulation HeaterMALTEC-T~ Thermocouples & RTD Sensors, PT 100, PT1000NEW-FLOW~ Flow Meter, Level & Pressure Switches (Explosion proof)NINOMIYA DENSEN~ Thermocouple, Heater & Teflon Wires JIS StandardOMEGA (USA)~ Thermocouple Wires, ConnectorOHKURA~ Paperless Chart RecorderPROCESS TECHNOLOGY~ Electric Teflon Immersion Heaters for Corrosive LiquidPRIMUS~ Panel Meter, Protection Relay, Panel Air Conditioning, Under Voltage Relay, Over Current Relay, Phase Break RelayPULS~ DC Power SupplyRAINBOW~ ThermostatsRAYTEK~ Thermal Imaging System, Non Contact SensorRESCAL~ Resistance Heating Alloys & Elements for Industrial FurnacesROTRONIC AG~ Humidity & Temperature; Water Activity & Meteology; Data Logger, Transmitter & Handheld Instruments, Measuring & MonitoringRELATS~ Silicon SleevingSHIMADEN~ Temperature/ Humidity Controllers & Chart Recorders & Power RegulatorSIEMENS~ Frequency Inverters / AC DrivesSIPIN~ Power Regulator / SCRSIMEX~ Paperless Chart Recorder, Flow Meters, Process Meter, Weight Indicator, Rate Meters, Weighing IndicatorSUNVIC~ ThermostatsTECORP~ Frequency Inverters / AC DrivesTEW & C~ Thermocouple Armour & Multi Pair Cable IEC & ANSI StandardTEXFIBER~ Ceramic Fiber Board / BlanketTECSIS~ Temperature & Pressure GaugesUNIPULSE~ Weighing Indicator, Weighing Controller, Belt ScalesWINTERS~ Pressure & Temperature GaugesW.HALDENWANGER~ Alsint 99.7, Ceramic Insulator; Ceramic Rollers; Phythagoras & Silicon Carbide Protection Tube Flame Safeguard productsOur business unit consists of:-
. Manufacturer of Heating, Sensing and Controls Products
. Humidity and Infra-red Systems
. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
. Refrigeration and Cooling System
. Drive and Motion System
. Process Components & Systems
. Factory Control Components PLC & Scada
. Weighing Components and Systems
. Manufacturing of Heaters & Sensors
. Instrument + Control cables and Heating CablesThrough continuous investments in research and development, our engineering team is able to develop a pattern of constant innovation, in-line with our commitment towards achieving the finest. More than 100 employees currently work in dpstar, in one production centre and twelve sales offices through out Peninsular Malaysia. Our strength lies in our abilities and dare to innovate ahead of our time.From presale to implementation and beyond, dpstar is committed in providing excellent services and solutions. Our automation solutions are constantly being improved, simplified and getting more powerful by the day. As a result, efficiency constantly increases and this spells benefits for organizations, system and factories everywhere.

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