Cosmopolitan Congregation Of Dallas

One Day Youth Revival

You do not want to miss being apart of this community involvement

  • Revival will be at the Bishop Arts Theatre at 215 S. Tyler St. Dallas TX. 75208
  • Services held Sunday September 1, 2013  at 11 a.m.

New Levels In Christ Through Our Youth

When a defensive line is having trouble putting pressure on the quarterback (satan), the defensive coordinator (Jesus) may decide to help them out by sending one or more linebackers (youth) or defensive backs (Young adults) on a blitz.

God Is Calling For A Blitz

Just as important in the game of football as our frontline. Defensive Backs are known for their ability to be quick, strong fast but smart decision makers. They protect the back field, but now Jesus has called for us to cross the enemy lines. We must stop Satan before the line of scrimmage. He must not gain another yard!

How can we support our youth?

Who is considered youth?

How can we get our youth active?

Where do we find them?

How do we keep them Engaged?

We do encourage the youth to bring their parents. A team is not complete if both the front line and back line are not working together.

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