The killing center
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After deportation trains arrived at the killing centers, guards ordered the deportees to get out and form a line. The victims then went through a selection process. Men were separated from women and children. A Nazi, usually an SS physician, looked quickly at each person to decide if he or she was healthy and strong enough for forced labor. This SS officer then pointed to the left or the right; victims did not know that individuals were being selected to live or die. Babies and young children, pregnant women, the elderly, the handicapped, and the sick had little chance of surviving this first selection.

Those who had been selected to die were led to gas chambers. In order to prevent panic, camp guards told the victims that they were going to take showers to rid themselves of lice. The guards instructed them to turn over all their valuables and to undress. Then they were driven naked into the "showers." A guard closed and locked the steel do

or. In some killing centers, carbon monoxide was piped into the chamber. In others, camp guards threw "Zyklon B" pellets down an air shaft. Zyklon B was a highly poisonous insecticide also used to kill rats and insects.

Studio portrait of Zeni Farbenblum and her son, Rudy, in Mukachevo, Czechoslovakia.
(before 1933)

the devastated Europe
the highlighted event: the book burning, May 10, 1933.

shooting a Jewish youth

Album documenting the liberation of the Ohrdruf camp, a subcamp of Buchenwald

A group of young survivors in Buchenwald.

After 1945

Adolph Hitler declares himself president and chancellor of the Third Reich after the death of Paul von Hindenburg.

The Saar region is annexed by Germany.


Jewish doctors are no longer permitted to practice in government institutions in Germany.
Further restrictions are imposed on the number of Jewish students attending German schools.

                    10 facts
1. The killing center would kill some people then put them under ground.

 2. As trainloads of five to seven thousand people arrived at the camp the deportees would hear a speech by an SS officer that told them they had arrived at a transit camp. Prisoners were then moved through a selection process in which women and children were separated from the men.

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