Who to report to

You would want to report to the company you would want to work for

Job Purpose

Architects spend much of their time in offices, most work full time and long hours but  without this job many buildings might not of been built or even designed. The median average pay as of May 2012 is $73,090.


Architects meet with clients to determine objectives and requirements for structures, estimate the amount of required materials, equipment and construction time. They prepare structure specifications, work with construction contracts and much more.


Educations required to be an architect are a Bachelor of Architecture or a Bachelor of Science degree. The IDP (Intern Development Program) requires architect interns to 5,600 training unit hours in various work categories, programming, site analysis, zoning requirements, contract negotiation and project management. Some personal characteristics is passion and obsession, easygoing personality, confidence, and creativity + pragmatism.


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