It is about men, women and children who are misled and who are coerced into forced labour without a pay, far away from their families and who work under inhuman conditions.

In particular women and children are most likely to become victims, because they are weaker, easier to be fooled and they oppose less physical resistance.

There is a video where three women spoke about their own experience and it is really impressive to hear what they had passed through.

According to their stories, they were told that by accepting to go and work for certain people, they would gain enough money in order to help their families. However, once they started working they were deprived of their documents so that they would not be able to go back home; in addition the family for which they were working used to treat them badly. For example the domestic women weren’t paid, they were physically abused and threatened, they were kept inside the house and not permitted to contact their families or everyone else.

All this shows that our society is not as civilized as we pretend it to be: on the contrary, in some countries there are legislations that deal little or not enough with this phenomenon and in this way they do not offer protection to some weak social groups. Moreover there are no special laws against slavery but I think that it is time to do something about it.

In particular child domestic workers are among the most numerous, vulnerable and exploited of the world’s child labourers. Recent estimates from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) indicate that there are at least 15.5 million child domestic workers, more than half of whom are girls.

If we listen to the news we could hear some stories for example I heard the story of a Filipino girl, who said that she was taken away from her family by some men who brought her into a home where she worked without a pay. After a long time of abuses, this girl found the strength and courage to denunce her exploiters, but she said that sometimes she still feels scared.

On 28 May 2014 there was The General Conference of the International Labour Organization in Geneva

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