S.T.A.T Spotlight!

Showcasing and reflecting on the hard working teachers and practices at CLETS :-)

Starring......Erin Pennington!

This "STAT Spotlight" edition focuses on Erin Pennington's first grade class. Erin uses rigorous student centered learning centers as her students engage in their language arts activities.

Small Group

Erin worked with a small group on syllables. Her students were engaged as they were learning new vocabulary words that identified text features and how to spell them. Students went on a text feature hunt through their leveled reader to find text features. The group practiced pronouncing the word then practiced spelling the word on white boards using what they knew about syllables.

Collaboration Station

At the collaboration station students were working on text features. Students looked through non fiction magazines to find examples of text features. They then glued their examples in a non fiction text feature notebook.

Work on Writing

After reading "Me on the Map" as a class, students applied their own geography to their own personalized Me on the Map book.

Reading for Understanding

During the Reading for Understanding center, students had a choice of which Pebble Go story to read. Students had the choice of: In my neighborhood, In my State, In my Country, or In my World. Students then filled out a 3-2-1 graphic organizer based on the main idea and details from the text.

Let's take a look inside....

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3 years ago

This is an amazing example of a journey into a learner-centered environment.

3 years ago

Thank you Christina!