Waterfalls brings me a sense of joy and contentment

Gray skies make me feel sadness and sorrow

The earth provides me with resources that allow me to live happily

Ecj india forest scene made me feel one with nature

Autobiography of The Earth

The book Walden reminds me of the significance of nature and how solitude can positively affect one's point of view

Where does it come from and where is it going?

Plastic bags are a very important part of my life as it comes in handy when buying groceries or when transporting items places. Plastics are by-products from the oil-refining process, which requires a massive energy input. These bags are thus created with polyethylene polymers to form them into the bag shape. These bags are produced worldwide in nations such as China and Mexico and then transported to the United States for consumer usage. When looking at where they go, many plastic bags end up at garbage dumps. However, they do not break down because they are not biodegradable and will remain in the dumps for years to come. Even when these bags are recycled (which in itself is a tough process) the bags lose much of its quality and will surely break down. Ultimately, it is clear that plastic bags are detrimental to the environment and should be replaced with an easy alternative, reusable bags.

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