The nine
Belief Systems

By Jacob Cupp


Animism was started in Africa. Its origins can not be traced all the way back. they worship spirits of nature. they believed that every thing had a spirit. The people who believe in it there is no holy text and there is not only on god.


Shintoism was started in Japan. It started around 500 B.C.E. they believe that sprits of Kami existed in every thing. they looked at kami as a god like figure. they have a great respect for nature they also had great respect for their emperor. They did not have any type of holy book or text.


Hinduism had started in about the 1500 B.C.E. It was started in India and it stayed in India. They have a holy book and it is called a Vedas. they will be reincarnated in to another form until they reach perfection.. they try to lead a good moral life. In order to reach perfection they have to keep good thoughts and behaviors. One of the gods in hinduisam had reached perfection and rode in to heven on a cow.


Buddhism started around 600 B.C.E. Buddhism started in India and it stayed in India. they did not have any type of holy text. followers of Buddhism believed that if we stop suffering we will be happier. to end suffering you need to end your desires. they learned to accept what life brings to them. They have to follow the four noble truths. Every one suffers. suffering is cased by desire. to end suffering you have to end your desire. to end your desiers follow the eight fold path.


Taoism started about the 600 B.C.E. They started in china. There is holy text for Taoism it tis called the "tac te ching". follow the way of nature and to accept they tings you cannot change. they don't challenge the nable processes. They accept things as they come to them. Their symbol means that there is good in the bad and bad in the good.


Confucianism started around 600 B.C.E. It started in china and they have a holy book and it is called the analects. they thought that you need to accept your role in society they had great deal of respect for the elders. they also had a great respect for their country. The one who founded Confucianism is named confucice.


Judaism started in about the 1000 B.C.E. They started in the middle east in Jerusalem. is also called the holy city. They had the Torah as holy text. they were monotheistic they only believed in one god. they believed that one day that god would send a messiah (savior) to them some day. try to follow gods laws (the ten commandments) so the messiah would come.


Christianity started after Jesus's death. it started in the middle east and had the same holy city as Judaism. they had the bible as holy text it was the old/new testament. they also were monotheistic. But they thought that Jesus Christ is gods son and that he was the messiah. follow the ten commandments and you will be sent to heven.


they started in the same spot that Judaism and Christianity started. they have the Qur'an Koran as a holy book. they also are monotheistic they only believe in one god. they follow Allah and lisen to the ten comandments and the messiah will come and save you and take you to heaven. they have the same holy city witch is jerucelem

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