Linking Cans, Cylinders,& Rational Equations

By Kyle Appelhans, Dillon Pholman, Cameron VanDerLinden

We solved for finding the formula to use to find the volume of a coffee can by multiplying the base, which would be the two circles, times the height of the cylinder. The cost of the top and bottom of the cylinder however will be more expensive so it will require a cost change than the height. The formula would look like: .06(2pir^2)*.04(2pirh)= cost

By plugging in the formula into a graph we will be able to find the lowest cost we can receive by representing r as x and the cost as y.

By doing this we received a cost of $6.71.

The can we choose for our project was a simple Pringles can. The can holds the dimensions of a 10.5 inches for height and 1.5 inches for radius. We were able to plug these variable to a modified version of the formula that we created in part 1, we altered the formula by reducing the cost of the materials from .06 to .03 and .04 to .02.

By plugging this information into  the new formula we come to a total cost of  $0.84.

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