Building A Universe

by Kacey Nguyen

Richard Hammond builds a universe he's hoping nothing will go wrong but will it ?

Firstly scientist  thought that before earth was built, was nothing but what became nothing turned into something . To start, we need to start from scratch.To make the stars we need to go into a chamber this squeezes the hydrogen with such force that it egnites creating a star and light.The also good thing about making a star it also makes ingredients that will help to build our universe.If it is a big star it would just explode and you would lose the ingredients those ingredients will turn into dust and particles .Now all we need to do is make the light that will make the rest of the universe.We just need a star to go supernova.We need it because it explode and  little ones will scatter everywhere.When it explodes we get carbon,iron and oxygen  and all the other ingredients we need to make our planets and even us.Everything you see is made out stardust.

Jupiter was actually the first planet to be created.But something bad is going to happen . The smaller planet is going to hoove up to much gas and rock and this is slowing it down .So a man is going to show us an example . We will need a mirror , wood and a bunch of bricks. 1. Face the mirror onto the bricks 2. Carefully hold the wood on top of the bricks 3. see what happens (the wood should be on fire). If not, put it in the sun.when he did it to a rock it fell into pieces.

To find out how the formation was like in the early solar system,we  need the help of Texas Roller Derby.Imagine the sun in the centre of the track  providing the track to pull a whole host of rocks of different sizes . These wannabe planets are called planetesimals.Some were big some were small.They were huge collisions.Some wannabe planets were destroyed.

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