Favorite Class?

Science!! You get to learn about animals and do neat experiments.

Favorite Food?

I LOVEEE pizza!!! & fries. Fries and pizza go amazing together!! My favorite pizza is bacon and pepperoni. My favorite out to eat pizza is between pizza inn and dominos. I also like chocolate chip pizza from pizza inn!

Last book you read?

I last read The Fault in our stars. I like reading books that are about other peoples life. I don't really read a lot. But if i do read i would probably read something that has drama in it.

Your favorite movie?

Raising Izzie is one of my favorite movies. Its about a 14 year old had to raise her little sister because her mom passed away from cancer. Before she passed she bought them a apartment and had a lot of money saved so they will be okay. Then the apartment burnt down and The 14 year olds teacher fount out so she took them in as her own. It's actually a really good but sad movie.

Your favorite musical artist

Sam hunt is one of my favorite singers. I actually started listing to him this year. A friend of mine started playing one of his songs. Then i started listing to him and he has been my favorite singer ever since!

Any Hobbies?

I actually LOVEE drawing! I feel like drawing expresses my feelings. I've actually drew this picture in art maybe in 7th grade and it got entered in a art show and got a invitation to Washington DC. But it cost a lot of money so I didn't go.

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