Why you should read science fiction novels

By: Anna Kreiser and Katherine Brown

What's in a Sci-fi novel

Science fiction novels are novels that are usually set on another planet, under an ocean, in space, or in another dimension of existence. They are usually in the past or future. The event has a possibility of happening, unlike fantasy or fiction. They contain realistic and fantastic details. Have you ever wanted to read a robot novel? If you have, you should read a science fiction book because the main characters are usually robots, aliens, or creatures other then humans. Some famous science fiction authors and directors are Stephen King, George Lucas, and David McDaniel. Some famous sci-fi movies are The Hunger Games, which is sci-fi because of their advanced technology, Star Wars, because of the robots, different galaxy, and it is set in the future, and Doctor Who, because of the aliens and time travel. So next time you need a book to read, read one of these books and it will boost your imagination.

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