Twitter is a microblog, a microblog is a type of blog that users publish shorts tweets update. Blogger car usually use a number of service for the update including instant messaging. You can list on twitter frol thirteen years old. Since 2015, there are 6,8 millions in France and 300 millions in the world. In the world 3 billion users on the microblog. Twitter is a public site, so you can't post any one. The logo of this microblog is a bird because bird go fast, before a bird was a messenger. Twitter was create 21 march 2006. There are 500 000 000 tweets send everydays, and 320 account create at minute. Justin bieber is a people most be followers with 38 000 000 followers. Twitter is create to four persons: jack dorsey, evan william, noah glass and big stone at St fransisco. This microblog is to chat with people you know or not. This site is not safe because it is public so any one can see your conversation. It is there for not advisable to mark personnal information such has adress. Twitter is prohibed under 10 years old but you can wheat by scord an age so incorrect, is site is nit secured. Many peoples are an twitter, and can answers there fan's tweets. This is also why this blog is so successfull. You can't delete tweets. You can send videos and picture on twitter.

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