The Best Secure Email Service For Individual Or Organizational Requirements

If you are looking for a secure email service that will be providing you with desktop e-mail encryption solutions with high level of security – ZixMail is the name that you can put your trust upon. They offer a wide range of easy to use services letting their clients to encrypt and decrypt email messages with a single click. Moreover the software takes minimum time to download and install and also easily integrate with any corporate email system and uses ZixDirectory, the largest e-mail encryption directory of the world for automatic distribution and public encryption keys. For further convenience of their customers they also generate and provide certified receipts showing the exact time when a secure emailis actually delivered and opened.

The company also follows a unique Best Method of Delivery system for maximum efficiency and security and allows clients to send encrypted emails to anybody anywhere by using their secure portal. Some of best features of ZixMailencrypted emailservices are:

  • Certified receipts with date and time of email delivery
  • Secure server for temporarily storing messages
  • Can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook
  • Compatibility with most MIME-compliant email services including Gmail. Yahoo and AOL
  • High end compression technology for both messages and attachments
  • Easy user controlled operation
  • Requirement of minimum IT support

As a secure email service, ZixMail offers companies and organizations a way of communicating with their customers and business partners through encrypted e-mails. As a hosted service it doesn’t require any additional IT support or any kind of web or security infrastructure and being based upon standard internet technology it also ensures that users can use any browser and also mobile devices of their choice for sending and accessing their secured messages.

Another advantage of using ZixMail secure email is that it allows the users to easily customize both the look and feel of their websites selecting from awide variety of features for exactly meeting their requirements. Being a hosted email solution it also doesn’t require any development time, additional hardware and internal resource support and also offers optimal security and availability at the same time.

Some of the most important benefits of their services are as follows:

  • Fast, easy and simple to use
  • Compatibility with all existing systems
  • Capability of automatically exchanging public encryption keys
  • End to end delivery assurance
  • Branding customization depending upon the actual needs of your organization
  • No additional software, hardware or user training is required
  • Absolutely no impact on internal infrastructure and information technology resources
  • Customization features for optimum efficiency and flexibility

Allowing secure and seamless communication ZixMail also has the ability of handling encrypted electronic mails to and from every e-mail address from anywhere in the world and the company also takes pride in maintaining the highest performance level and guaranteed maximum availability for their customers. For more information on all services available with them you can vist their website at

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Zeena McWarden is a cyber security expert who writes many interesting articles to help bring email encryption and its advantages into the domain of common people. You can trust her advice for all your data security and integrity preservation requirements.