War in Korea!
by Cole M.
(A Historical Fiction Story)

     My name is Cole. It has been hard times since World War 2 broke out but now we have it under control. During the war, I was lucky to have both of my parents home with me. Now there is another war looming ahead and it will definitely be harder since I will have to be the man of the house.

     I live in Alabama with my Mom, Dad, sister and two dogs. We aren't the richest people, but we make ends meet. My mom works part time so she can take care of us and my dad works full time so he is the breadwinner. One day, we were just sitting together in the living room listening to the radio when a message was played.

"We need soldiers to fight for our country in the Korean War. Will you serve our country?"

All of the sudden, my dad walked out of the room. My mom went to check on him and came out with some news.

"Your father has made a decision to join the war."

My mind exploded with thoughts of my dad being brutally murdered on the battlefield.

" NO!!!" I screamed."He can't, he'll just get murdered the second he starts fighting!"

"It's his decision and we have to support him." My mom said.

"I'd like to support him when he's alive!" I yelled back.

"We are going with him to sign up tomorrow. I'm sorry" she said.

    I thought to myself, my dad is the best dad I could ask for. Funny, nice and just a laid back guy. After he heard the message on the radio, he was just a straightforward, no nonsense guy. I hated it. Then came the day my dad would leave for the war.

"Son, you are going to have to be the man of the house. Help your mom with everything and make sure your sister is doing O.K. every day, you hear?" He said.

"Yes sir!" I replied.

"I love you." he said.

"I love you too, dad." I replied. Then we hugged and he walked away. It felt like slow motion, and I was so sad. As he got on the train, I saw his face one last time. He was waving and I waved back. Then he was gone.

     Life is extremely hard and sad without my dad around to help me. I am always wandering gloomily around the house, thinking about him. I couldn't eat much because I missed him so much. Once I missed school because I couldn't stand being without him. We would listen to the deaths on the radio every day. Then one day we were listening to the dead people and the man said,"Jay McCollum, dead." I passed out.

     When I awoke, my mom and my sister were crying.

"Are you okay?" My mom asked with a shaky voice.

"I'm fine." I said. Then I walked to my room. I cried and cried and cried. My mom came in and sat by me. She gave me a hug.

"It's going to be okay." she said.

Then my anger took over.

"No it's not!" I yelled. "It's my fault he went to the war, It's my fault he died, I should have never let him go!"

"It wasn't your fault, it was the wars fault." my mom said.

"Just leave me alone." I said.

Then she left me alone in the room.

Sadness is what most of the rest of my life was. I was really depressed at his funeral. When they asked if anyone would like to give a speech about him, my body just got up and went to the stage-like area. I didn't know what to say but my mind spoke for me.

"Jay McCollum was my amazing dad. He was smart, funny and a hard worker. When he wanted to join the war, we knew we couldn't stop him but we really wanted to. When I saw him the last time, I knew he would never make it back. That's when I knew I would have to be a man." I started thinking about my dad and my eyes started to water. I knew I couldn't make it through the speech so I wiped my eyes and said," Thank you."

Then I walked back and sat with my mom.

"Good job." she said

"Thanks." I said

That's when my life hit a turning point. I realized I would have to be a man from here on. So that's what I did.

This song is called Tequila by The Champs. It was written in 1958 and is a one of my favorite songs. I put this song here because it was written in my time period, the 1950s.

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