Kimber Sprout

Team 7-3 Omaha Zoo Trip
May 1st, 2014


They travel in schools for safety.

Common Name: Barred Flagtail fish                           

Scientific Name: Kuhlia mugil

Biome: Salt/Fresh water                                            

Habitat/ Home Range: Reefs and Tide pools

FISH ADAPTATIONS                                                BARRED FLAGTAIL ADAPTATIONS

1) ectothermic                                                         1) travel in schools

2) fins                                                                     2) fast moving

3) breathe w/gills                                                      3) young are kept in tide pools

4) most have scales                                                  4) 10 dorsal spines  

5) eyes to find food                                                  5) coordinated motion


Their skin coloration is a warning sign.

Common Name:  Panamanian Golden Frog            

Scientific Name: Atelopus zeteki

Biome: rainforest                                                    

Habitat/ Home Range: found in all Panama                                                                                   

AMPHIBIAN ADAPTATIONS                                    FROG ADAPTATIONS

1)  eggs gelatinous covering                                   1) use forefeet to communicate

2)  tongue                                                             2) skin contains toxin

3) strong hind legs                                                 3) brightly colored for warning

4) wet skin                                                             4) attach eggs to pebbles

5) eyes on top of head                                           5) ambling walk (don't hop)


They have a hard shell for protection.

Common Name: Desert box turtle            

Scientific Name: Terrapene ornata luteola

Biome: grasslands                              

Habitat/ Home Range: North America (native to North America) Southern United States


1) breathe with skin                             1) can almost close shell all the way due to bilobed

2) amniotic egg                                  2) hiss when alarmed

3) scaly skin                                      3) curved claws to burrow

4) ectothermic                                   4) hard shell

5) breathe with lungs                          5) sharp beak for slicing vegetation


They use their claws to hang on to branches.

Common Name: Blue and gold macaw                   

Scientific Name: Ara ararauna

Biome: swamps/ virgin forest                                 

Habitat/ Home Range : South America/ Central South America and Panama

BIRD ADAPTATIONS:                                         MACAW ADAPTATIONS:

1) hollow bones                                                  1) travel in flocks

2) beaks                                                            2) curved beaks

3) feathers                                                         3) loud voice

4) claws                                                             4) long tail

5) endothermic                                                   5) clawed feet


loose belly skin allows them to get kicked by prey and not be injured.

Common Name: African Lion  (endangered)       

Scientific Name: Panthera leo senegalensis

Biome: Savannah                                              

Habitat/ Home Range: Africa/ Southern and Central Africa

MAMMAL ADAPTATIONS:                                  LION ADAPTATIONS:

1) hair                                                             1) archetypal roar

2) breathe with lungs                                         2) retractable claw

3) females with milk producing glands                3) rough tongue

4) lower jaw that is one bone                             4) loose belly skin

5) constant body temperature                            5) live in groups

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