By:Cordell Dalrymple Kimmle

1.The Red planet is home to both the highest mountain and the deepest, longest valley in the solar system.

2. Olympus Mons is roughly 17 miles (27 kilometers) high, about three times as tall as Mount Everest.

3.Mars has the largest volcanoes in the solar system, including Olympus Mons,which is about 370 miles ( 600 kilometers) in diameter,wide enough to cover the entire state of New Mexico.

4.Mars also has many other kinds of volcanic landforms,from small,steep-sided cones to enormous plaining coated in hardened lava.

5.Scientists think the Valles Marineris formed mostly by rifting of the crust as it got stretched.

6.Large Channels emerging from the ends of some canyons and layered sediments within suggest the canyons might once have been filled with liquid water.

7.Channels,Valleys, and gullies are found all over Mars, and suggest that liquid water might have flowed across the piney' surface in recent times.k

8.Some channel can be 60 miles (100 kilometer) wide and 1,200 miles ( 2,000 kilometer) long.

9.Many regions of Mars are flat,low- lying plains,the lowest of the northern plains are among the flattest,smoothest places in the solar system potentially created by water that once flowed across the Martian Surface.

10. The number of craters on Mars varies dramatically from place to place,depending on now old the surface is.

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