Genetic diseases and disorders are passed down from parent-to-child. This changes the genes instructions which makes the protein in it unable to work and may even been missing entirely.


Environmental diseases or disorders come from things in the environment like animals, plants, and bugs.

Life-style Choices

Life-style choices can contribute to diseases and disorders because some diseases like cancer can be caused by things like drug and alcohol.

Down Syndrome: Genetic Disorder

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes the sufferer to have learning difficulties, mental retardation, a characterized facial appearance, and poor muscle tone or hypotonia in infancy. They have increased risk of heart defects , digestive problems and low activity in the thyroid glands. It's caused by a error of the sperm or egg formation, not every cell is the same and a chromosomes has a abnormality. This effects the individual because their brain doesn't process like ours, this leads to them having learning and developmental disabilities. There is no cure but it can't be treated with health checkups and support groups.

Asthma: Environmental Disease

Asthma is an inflammatory disease which causes the sufferer to have a hard time breathing. Asthma is caused by many things including: airborne allergens like pollen or dust, respiratory infections, physical activity or exercise, cold air and air pollutants. This makes the sufferers life hard because they may not be able endure the fun activities other children can. This means they may not be able to run out and play due to allergies or they breathe when they play. There is no cure but with treatment like an inhaler or breathing machine they can get better.

Oral Cancer: Lifestyle Choice Disease

Oral cancer is any cancer around the mouth. It's caused by many things like excessive alcohol use, chewing tobacco, and cigar or pipe smoking. This can lead to an individual having parts of his face removed due to how severe it can be which can affect his social life drastically. It also effects how  they function like eating or talking. It can it can be cared if found early but if it is found in late in the survival rate is only 60% the best hope is to just get treatment as early as you can or stop smoking or drinking.