Rosemary Chipotle Infused Macarons

When Yazoo met Jeni

For as long as I've lived in Cleveland I haven't had the pleasure of visiting the quaint town of Chagrin Falls. This summer my girls and I made it out to the Blossom Festival, and stopped in at Jeni's Ice Cream. So many flavors to choose from, but I knew I wanted a flavor not sold in stores. Yazoo Sue, well that sounds interesting. So I asked for a taste. It’s months later and I regret I only had a taste.

It took a minute for the flavors to dance on my tongue. Cold, sweet, hoppy, herbaceous. And what was that kick? The line was too long and my cellphone was too dead to go online to search for what was in that ice cream. When I finally made it home I had the chance to check out the flavor profile online. What was going through the chef’s mind when she took Yazoo Sue (a Tennessee brewed smoked beer), mixed nuts, rosemary, brown sugar, and chipotle to make this perfect frozen treat?

So inspired, so in love, I finally decided how to incorporate this flavor combination into my menu. My latest macaron has easily become my favorite. No almond meal used just my own mixed nuts ground with fresh rosemary and a chipotle kicker.

My heart was set on making a Yazoo Sue infused buttercream filling, but sadly that will have to wait until a trip to Tennessee. For now I tip my cap to Yazoo Brewing Company (as I too love all things smoked) with a smoked brown sugar chocolate ganache.

Sweet regards,

The Sugar Peddler

P.S. These macarons need a name! Send me some suggestions. Please and thank you!

P.S.S. I filled some leftover shells with butterscotch ice cream. Oh my word I think I need some alone time.

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