Beijing Walking Economic Tightrope When it Comes to Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong the citizens have been protesting for over a week and it's sill going on right now. The citizens want democracy and the right to choose there lead. The Pro-democracy protesters lock arms on Friday as they protect a barricade in one of the areas of Hong Kong they have occupied. Demonstrators demanding the right to choose candidates in the 2017 elections clashed with opponents supporting Beijing's rule in two of Hong Kong's busiest shopping districts on October 3, with police stepping in to try to calm the chaos.Police have been throwing tear gases and rubber bullets to control the crowd. The citizens were promised the right to vote for there next leader in 2002 and now there prime minister is trying to ignore it.

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Single Party Sate and  Maintaining Social Order are linked to this story

Chinas form of government Single Party State is a type of state in which a single political party has the right to form the government, usually based on the existing constitution but the cities want a Presidential Democracy they want the right tho vote.The police of Hong kong are tying to Maintaining Social Order by tear gassing the citizens and by shooting them with rubber bullets to control the crowd.

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