By: Caitlin S.

Your words dance in my head and linger
In my heart
Yet I stay and work harder
Your control over me holding
Leaving your hurtful words in my mind

Why O' friends why?
Are you so sure that you are so much better
What you do is more important

And who says you aren't right
Who's to say you are

You are so unbelievably confident
Think its okay to make it known
To people
That have nothing to you
That they are not good enough.
Not for your standards.

Why have you made it okay to hurt
people who have nothing to you.
Who never would

How does that make someone
Less than you
Nothing you feel on the inside
Could justify the pain you leave when you
Push me to the side
Because you think you are superior

Nothing you say will be forgotten
You no longer have control over me
My thoughts
My feelings
Are mine

Not to be messed with.

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