Export of Guano

*Excrement of sea-birds, cave dwelling bats, and generally just birds. High concentrations of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium are found in guano which is essential for plant growth. Guano played an important role in modernizing farming practices.

The practice of using Guano as a plant fertilizer started in Peru during the 1840s. As Peru's empire grew due to the high produce yield from the use of guano they saw the value in what they had. Guano was exported from Peru to Africa, North America, and into European markets. In Britain, trade houses were made just for imported Guano into Europe. Guano helped the South American countries, especially Peru, to gain large sums of money as well as built Peru into being a strong empire.Peru made about 2 billion dollars off of the guano exports. This allowed them to pay off their war debts. The agricultural advancement of using guano as fertilizer stabilzed the government while becoming a large farming necessity.

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