The Tax Age

By : Michael Fabiano

8th grade History

Top Ten

10. (The Declaration of Independence) ~ was signed in 1776 and declared the United States free from England.

9. (The Constitution and the Bill of Rights) ~ signed in 1787 it created a federalism system with a national government.

8. (Stamp Act) ~ was passed 1765 and forced United States citizens to pay taxes on imported goods.

7. (Tea Act) ~ was signed in 1773 and was the taxation of tea.

6. (Intolerable Acts) ~ these acts shows how the american settlers felt about all the England taxes and really helped them in the long run.

5.  (The Articles of Confederation) ~ was signed in 1777 and helped establish the first constitution develop.

4. (Boston Tea Party) ~   was the attack on tea taxation and they threw over 342 chest of varies types of tea which enraged the British.

3.  (Boston Massacre) ~ was the killing of 5 colonists by British regulars on March 5, 1770 which enraged patriots.

2. (The Sons Of Liberty) ~ occurred in 1765 and was established after tea act was in act, and really became a large group of people.

1. (The Revolutionary  War) ~ occurred though (1775-1783) or the war of independence was one of the last wars which one there freedom.


Earliest to Latest

Stamp Act: March 22,1765

Sons of Liberty: August 14,1765

Boston Massacre: March 5, 1770

Boston Tea Party: May 10, 1773

Tea Act: December 16, 1773

Intolerable Acts: March 24, 1774

The Declaration of Independence: July 4, 1776

The Articles of Confederation: November 15, 1777

The Revolutionary War: September 3, 1783

The Constitution of the Bill of Rights: September 25, 1789

George Washington

During my unit..... George Washington was alive and seemed to me as very important. George Washington was involved in politics almost all his life. George Washington's political party was the group of Federalists which was the first American political party of all time. Federalism is when power is divided between a nation which gave equal rights in some ways. George was not just a political leader, but a army general. In 1775 George took command of the Continental Army at 43 years of age.  George led them to numerous victories which made him a hero and led to his Presidency as the first president. George Washington was thought of as king for life by the colonists of the United States, but he declined another term of presidency in order to live his last years with his family. Before he left he wrote the Farewell Address which addresses the colonists to stay away from foreign affairs. After presidency and writing his farewell he only lived for two more years, dying of an infection which nowadays could be cured easily. He was joined two and a half years later by his wife Martha Washington, she died of bad health. She was declared First Lady following her death.

Boston Print

"The Boston Massacre "

Today in midtown near the Port in which the British boarded our land was a violent and gruesome murder. Three died on the scene and two are in critical condition as they say their goodbyes to their loved ones. Many are still enraged over what happened and many are asking both political leader and General Washington about his views of this attack. Many other conspiracies are beginning to form as to why the attack began or to why or how did the British transformed themselves into acting like colonists . Much damage around the city has occurred due to what the British have done. Attacking in the evening, the soldiers obviously came for blood as many people were in nearby stores which were damaged by the British rampage.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere was born in North End Boston, MA.  He leaves behind his beloved family who cared for and loved him. Paul always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father by becoming a dentist. Paul accomplished this but God had many other things planned for him. Paul being a young adult embraced being a patriot. His dad, Apollo Revere, being a true French man disagreed with his son and soon they would meet onto the battle field. May they be united in the way that it was meant. Paul also became a loyal patriot. Later becoming a Committee of Safety member who warned the colonists when there could be a possible British attacks. Paul was a real hard worker and ended up saving may lives by doing a midnight patrol in which he spotted the British. Paul warned the colonists. It was then that he became famous for his "midnight ride". After his "midnight ride", Paul went straight back to the thing he loved most, being a blacksmith. Before he passed away he made copper into sheets which really revolutionized life.    


Cape Cod Turkey

Cape Cod Turkey is a dish made from freshly caught codfish baked with bits of pork, served with an egg sauce, and accompanied by boiled potatoes and beets cooked with melted butter.

By The Numbers

Ten Interesting Facts About The 1770's and the 1780's

During George Washington's last battle his coat was shot 4 times.

One Penny could buy you a pound of cheese.

You could chop down any tree to use toward building purposes for no cost.

The average female could sew at 7 to 8 years of age.

There was no developed hunting seasons.

Pigs were the most common food source of meat and were often breaded.

All cooking except baking was done on an open firer.

Clothing was a sense of wealthiness.

Despite the colonists being free many still wore traditional British clothing.

The jobs varied from one penny to 1 dollar for working a day ot a week  


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