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The Outsider's/Hero's Journey Essay

The Outsider's/Hero's Journey

1. How would you discribe your writing at the beginning of the year and how you would discribe it now?

2. What do you  your writing strengths! Explian.


My Essay Reflection

The Outsiders/Hero’s Journey Henrik Rosen-Syrrist

5/5/14 Period 5

These are not the people you think of when you hear the word hero. This essay is about heroism and how it can come from people of all backgrounds,shapes,and sizes. In the Outsider’s Pony boy goes on the hero’s journey by going through all the part’s of the of it.

Pony boy experiences The Separation from the Known when he runs away from the house after Darry hit’s him. He finds Johnny then the Socs attack them. In order to save Pony boy Johnny has to kill one of the Socs. Here is a quote from the book “He was clutching his switchblade and it was dark to the hilt in blood. My stomach made a violent jolt and my blood turned icy. “Johnny.” I managed to say “I think I’m going to be sick!” (pg#62) They need to escape so the police don’t find them. They go to Dally for help. He gives them supplies and tells them to go on a train and go to an abandoned church.

In the Hero’s journey the Initiation is when the hero must travel through a series of physical and mental new challenges. In the book Pony experiences the Initiation when Johnny cuts Pony’s hair to hide his identity. After Pony’s hair is cut Pony thinks to himself “Our hair is what made us greasers.” (pg#70) Having Pony’s hair cut badly and then bleached made Pony self conscious because he always was proud of his hair. Pony further more experiences the initiation when they have to save the children. They get back to the church on the top of the hill that they had been hiding in to see that it was on fire. They hear children screaming inside the church so they break through a window to get into the church. To save the children. Here is a quote so you better understand. “I wasn’t about to go through that burning door so i picked up a large rock and threw it through a window and pulled myself in. It was a miracle I didn’t cut myself to death, now I have to think about saving those children.” (pg#91) When they finally got all the kids out, Johnny pushed Pony towards the window. Pony leaped out and when he hit the ground he heard the roof collapses and Johnny scream. Dally then hit Pony on the back really hard because Pony’s back was on fire.

When he get’s back to normal life he is experiencing The part of the hero’s journey called the Return to Everyday Life. Pony experiences it when he has to fend off Socs outside a grocery store. Here’s what happened “I was sitting on the fender of Steve’s car, smoking and taking sips of my Pepsi while Steve and Two-bit where inside talking to some girls. When a car pulled up and three Socs climbed out. “You're the guy that killed Bob Sheldon.” One of them said “He was our friend.” Big deal I busted of the end of my bottle and pointed it at them “Yall better get going or you’ll get split.” I said (pg#170)

When he get’s back to normal life he has to deal with Socs and school and people who don’t like him but on his trip he changed now he understands people. He gets that the Socs are just the same as the greasers but they just have more money.

In conclusion Pony Boy goes through all of the hero’s journey during the story of the book from the call to adventure to the return to everyday life. So to summarize the story in a short version Pony Boy runs away they get attacked by the Socs then Johnny murders Bob Johnny and Pony Boy run away. The church catches fire they save the children they go to the hospital the rumble between the Socs and greasers happens greasers win the rumble. Johnny and Dally die on the same night Pony Boy gets sick then he writes the paper for the teacher.

So there you have it then Outsiders in a nutshell thanks for reading and that’s it.

The moral of the story is that anyone can be a like the hero that Pony is. That don’t need to be super powered to be a hero.

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