Patrick Houlihan 20% project

I chose to do the coding because I love the idea of making something with lines of code. I chose the YouTube one because I love watching YouTube and I would love to know what goes on behind my favorite videos.

I don't think I could make a career out of this, but it would be great to have this knowledge.


These lines of code are sending a request to the certain website and then bringing you content.

xhr is a variable and when we send the request with .send() the website will search for the variable across the websites server. When it is found the file you requested console.log() will show you what you have searched. The code I wrote was Exactly:




(Yes capitol letters matter.)

Whoa! Hold up!

Now Now calm down... 52% WOW I must have been busy... well not too much. That last entry I was at about  25% so its not that much. Most Codecademy courses are very easy/doesn't take a long time... I am going to do another coding project, because this is a bit easy... I have a couple choices...

Python (Powers sites like YouTube and Dropbox)

Ruby On Rails (Flexible language that powers everyday sites)

html (Used to power all websites)

So... yeah, comment your choice and ill do whichever suits you.


I have been doing stuff astray from the actual Codecademy program I have been reading books (What are those things?!?!) I have been watching videos and other things. I am really enjoying myself :D

What I found out so far #1

Coding is fun... really fun. all you really need to do is start learning. I like learning the code and seeing what it does. Its cool to see what powers websites and games that you play.

What I found out so far #2

The result can be really fun creating games, web pages, online stores, etc. countless things you can do with coding.

Vocabulary Terms

Html - Programing Language used to make webpages, animations, and games.

Python - Programing language very similar to Html, but more complicated and more appliable.

Ruby On Rails -  programing language used for providing structures for a database.

JavaScript - Programing language used to create interactive interfaces for games or animations.

New questions and info

I want to know how I can do more complicated stuff. like how I can integrate this into an application. all I've been doing is scouring the database for information. so... I will try to make an application. YEAH!

"Nuts and Bolts"

I am supposed to explain the tools I am using, but there are not many. I am of course using Tackk to document everything that I am doing. I am using for the coding. and the computer to do all of this.


Now I am supposed to explain any problems with what I am doing or problems with the software or something like that. i would write the correct code but it would come up with an error on screen. then it would send me to the next part as if I had done it correctly.

You can see that I highlighted the error. "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected Identifier" also the code I wrote did not light up into different colors like the other lines of code. this is weird and if anyone knows whats going on or, if i'm just being stupid tell me in the comments.


Thanks to Thomas Houlihan, I think I know how to follow up this YouTube API course for codecademy. He posted in the comment section a tutorial for creating a first Chrome extension. It would be cool to do that, but I will have to check with my teacher before I do this.

That is the basic page down below is a button that will take you to that page.

Click it! You wont regret it!


I DID IT! whoa... whoa... I need to calm down... I really can't wait for my teacher to respond. you can go look in the stream of his tackk stream for my question and his answer, the button below will take you to his tackk stream.

Now, Now, I don't want to do anything big before he reply's. so I don't start building a website and get the okay. Or I don't want to start this and get turned down. so i'll lie dormant for a while look at other classmates tackks, and yeah!

Click it! You wont regret it!


He said yes, I will be able to do the chrome extension thing. i will put another button taking you to his stream so you can see the response.


I don't know how i am supposed to do this... it tells me what to do, but i cant i dont know where to put it. I am using a chrome book and i cant use the regular stuff that i usually use like the documents and folders in windows. (sorry mac lovers)

Idea and Trouble

I have a problem. I cant figure out how I am supposed to do this on a Chromebook, it wont let me create a .json file or anything else. so... I will program on my Windows run computer at home. and then transfer the file onto the Chromebook via USB Flash Drive.

Yes that is what i use... anyway I will at first program the "hello world" program showcased in the tutorial. then I will make something better. like maybe a name animation.

Done it... sort of

I got it working, but it doesn't do much. It opens a webpage and then says hello world.

again it is just a window that says hello world, but its a start.

Now, how it works

ill show a picture of the file insides.

you have a background.js file which launches the app when clicked, and sets the boundaries for the webpage. You have two icon pictures, you should know what those are for. you have a manifest.json file which tells chrome's API what its looking at and defines everything. The window.html file provides the window that the app lives in when the JavaScript file calls for it.

Done it

I did it, I made the app kinda, i inserted two links with code for instance (code)

<a href=""></a>

All of this is what a link is.

anyway I have done it and i will start the big stuff soon!


Working on this project made me want to pursue this, I am currently working on a game for chrome. or something like that. My project turned out great I was able to code in my own links to websites I used during this. I didn't like the API as much as I did the app. This would be more of a hobby for me rather than a career or a job. And no, I do not wish i had done a different project.

(that's the logo I made for myself) (don't judge me...)

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2 years ago

looks cool patrick

2 years ago

This sounds awesome. can you teach me some of what you are learning when you come to visit Washington?

2 years ago

Hi patrick coding is fun and easy like you said so have fun and do your best and of course.... BELIEVE -Insert cat poster saying BELIEVE-

2 years ago

I am having trouble following what you were trying to do, but if you give me an idea of what you were trying to have returned from Youtube, I can try to help you finish it. For your next project, you may want to look into building a chrome browser extension. The API is pretty straightforward and details can be found here: . You can do something simple like change one word to a different word on all of the pages you visit. See Or you can sign up for Kimono and use Kimono to build API's in JSON with a graphical user interface, and use the API to collect information from pages you visit. All sorts of fun to be had with programming!

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2 years ago

Nancy: sure!

2 years ago

I love this!! It's awesome how energetic and expressive your entries are! Really brightens the mood from a project some people would find relatively boring, makes me kinda wish I did this project instead!!😊

2 years ago

I can not help but admire the visual appeal, it really draws you in. When you finish you should link the app thing. 😄

2 years ago

I like this tackk very much because it has an interesting thumbnail and its funny to read.

2 years ago