Be Yourself.

Grayson Wright

I Believe.

I believe in the power of being different,

the importance of just being yourself,

the power of ones own personality,

the equality of everybody,

the power of friendship,

love, carefulness, and being different,

But I don’t believe in people saying that thheir better than somebody else.

I believe in stand out from the crowd,

I believe in the love of Jesus Christ,

I believe in the power of caring for one another,

courage, happiness, and sound judgement,

And I believe in not everybody being different and be who you are because thats how God made you.

My Personal Credo

          I live by the words “Be Yourself” no matter what others think, say, or do. I want to be true to myself no matter the odds. In life your going to want to be popular or be in the crowd, but thats not how it should be. In elementary school popularity was just a myth, but as I get older, the harder it is to be who I truly am. You need to pick you your friends wisely, they need to like you for your personality. If they like me for me, then their truly my friends.

           I have been taught this at a very young age, but it still applies to us today. I grew up hearing this saying and I didn’t really think about it. Though as I get older I understand what it means. I adopted this belief because in the 6th grade I noticed people not hang out with the crowd and I thought it was because they were weird or something, but I started talking to them and they was just like me. It changed my ways on how I thought of people.

            There are so many reasons why I believe in being yourself, though I’m only going to name two. The first one is being who you really are is how people make friends. If your not who you say you are then your not going to have a real relationship with people. The second reason is being somebody that your not is just not enjoy full, I know from experience. Your basically being who your not, and lying to yourself. It is important to stick to these beliefs because, not being who you say you are is basically lying, and lying is a terrible thing, and it goes against my beliefs.

            As I get older I realize how hard it is not to want to fit in with the crowd. Though as I get older it gets harder but I know that I shouldn’t. It might change as I get older but I will try with all of my hope to not give in, and not go along with the crowd. I can see it now being in act everyday, but it is still really hard and I struggle with it. It might change one day if I get invited to a party or something like that and I am told to do something bad that I normally would never do. I hope that I would say no though. This will help me throughout my whole life by showing me that being different is not all that bad, because Steve Jobs was different than everybody else by wanting to always improve. I hope that when I get older I will be like that.

           This is significant to me because I have learned to be different. I have learned this by watching Steve Jobs and how he was always wanting to be different. It would be awesome if people would follow the saying “Be yourself”, because there would be more friendships and less hatred towards one another. Also everybody would be treated equally like it should be.

By Grayson Wright

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