Louis Armstrong

By Clayton  Fagan

          Louis Armstrong at a glance is a really well behaved person at a young age well that's what everyone thought. At age 11 he was arrested for firing a gun into the air on new years eve. As a kid and a teenager he had to grow up with discrimination and he hated having to live like that. but his parents William and Mary told him it would be fixed. he also loved music later on in his life.

     But later as an adult he became a good person. Not to forget he was a good musician. even thought he was know for his blues in new Orleans using the saxophone. I wasn't his first musical instrument his first was a clarinet . later in his adult hood he was married 5 different times. he also adopted his cousins child.  later on he got the nickname satches. when the times came he was 69 and died 1971 and that my friend was a time of sadness for blues and jazz music. the last song they had to remember him  was Wonderful World.

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