Science Fiction Is Awesome

By: Braden Ware and Jackson Case

Science Fiction is Awesome!

Science fiction movies and books are really fun to read, because they are exciting and out of the ordinary. Also the movies the movies are action packed and fun to watch. Science fiction stories include,

1. Time or space

2. Possibility of the event happening

3. Affect on humans

4. Advanced technology

5. Realistic and fantastic details

Here are some other things usually in sci-fi books:

6. All grounded in science

7. They are usually set in the future

8. Unknown inventions

9. They make a serious comment about the world

10. They often contain a warning for humankind.

Science is always important to the story. A famous science fiction author is David Pringle. Several famous science fiction books are "The Time Machine", "Ender's Game", and "The Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy." I think you really should read science fiction books because they are action-packed, adventurous, and out of this world. Science fiction is different than fantasy.

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