The Last Wave: A Near Death Experience

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then I had the near-death experience, I returned to life with new knowledge. The main lesson I learned was to no longer fear death. There is an afterlife. This transformative knowledge caused chaos and confusion in my daily life, as I traveled a hard journey to find the secrets of my life and why God had made me return to my body after going to ‘the other side’, from when I did not want to return. Alas, I am alive and happy to live forever!

The gifts I returned with from visiting a house of God took many years to accept the belief I was worthy of them. Spirit healing through unconditional love is in the eBook.

You will also find information on drownings and secondary drownings. Inspiration and hope is found in this eBook of redemption. Finding out how loved I am by a force greater than me is a great comfort. The mercy for the animalistic tendencies deep inside me that cause mistakes and bad decisions is given to me, helping me accept myself, my fallible nature and abilities to offer and teach spirit healings. The wish to get better at being alive has made time a friend.

You will step upon a spiritual path when you read my story. Enjoy it relaxing by a fireplace or by the window that looks out upon a snowy, pure landscape.

Happy New Year’s!

To read the inside of the eBook, please click on the following link below: The Last Wave Near Death Experience, A Life Of Miracles!

Upon finishing the eBook, it would be great to hear from the readers!

Happy Holidays and God Bless Everyone!

‘May Love Reign In All Universes, and Peace Within Each One Of Us.’

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