"Sometimes life likes to screw you up but its not falling that is wrong its not standing back up"

By: Matthew Shell

I Believe

I believe in the hope of family ,
the power of music,
the hardships of life,
the fact that nobody is perfect,
the dedication, strength, weakness ,
But I don't believe in the hate of others,

I believe in the willingness of others,

I believe in the truth that I am equal to everyone I know

I believe in the love of God

And I believe in the fact that sometimes you fall and that you need to stand back up

Credo Essay

“Sometimes life likes to screw you up but its not falling what is wrong its not standing back up”. This is what I live by this means that even if you fall and you are at your lowest its not the end you need to stand back up and face it. That you never need to back down and never back away.

I got this credo from a song that I heard. Whenever I first heard this line I just knew that it was true and that I needed to live by it, it just has a deep meaning that everybody can understand and can follow.

This is very important for me to live by because if I didn't you would never get anywhere you need to know to stand back up and to fight against what is holding you back and never to stand down and cower against the future ahead of you.

I don't think that my credo will change as I grow older I think that as long as I live I need to live by this even if i’m about to die I will want people to know that as long as you stand up from challenges in life you will always get to where you want to be. I don’t think that any action could change it but I do think that it could shape into something more detailed and fleshed out over the years. I think this will help my future by helping me succeed in my dreams and visions that I see for myself.

This is significant to me because without this we would be nowhere, we would not be following our dreams. I would challenge others to follow my credo because if we do not stand back up from being rejected or pushed down we would get nowhere in life.If other people would listen to this a lot more people could be successful in there lives and might fulfill there dreams that they strive for.

By: Matthew Shell

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