Oneida Nation

Meaning:  People of the Standing Stone

Past History

The Oneida tribe originally lived in the New York though others were forced to move  to Wisconsin and Canada.

Present history

The live in modern houses and apartment buildings just like you.


They plated crop of corn ,bean squash and harvested wild berries and herbs deer elk.


Women's often wore a poncho-like tunic called an overdress.mans did not originally wear shirts in Oneida culture and man wore traditional headdresses .


The Oneida people live in village of longhouse.which were large wood-frame building coverings with Sheets of elm bark.Each longhouse was up too a hundred feet long.


Oneida people used bow and arrows.fisherman used spears and fishing pole


The two most important Oneida instrument drums and flutes too.

Interesting Facts  


Like in the days before car.They used elm-bark or dugout.But they usually Preferred to travel by land. And they use art for making mask carving

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