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November 16, 2014

5th Grade Cave Painting

Most Important News...

(If nothing else, read this part.)

This week is American Education Week, Fall Book Fair and Grandparents' Day.

The Fall Book Fair and Grandparents' Day depend heavily on our families to make them happen. Please consider contributing your time and/or food to these:

For the Book Fair, we are still in desperate need for volunteers to help out (both during school Wednesday-Friday) and during the family shopping night Thursday night. You can sign up here: Any questions, contact Heather Wauls at

For Grandparents' Day, we are still looking for volunteers to help serve, and then donations of food. Typically we serve breakfast and lunch items to several hundred guests on Grandparents' Day (so you can imagine the amount of food needed). Every little donation helps. You can sign up here: Any questions, contact Gwen Pescatore at

This Thursday is Dine Out Night at Chic-Fil-A in Montgomery Mall 5pm-8pm...Knapp Home and School earns 10% of all sales.

American Education Week, you are invited to observe your student's classroom. If you cannot attend during the scheduled time, please contact your student's teacher or the office.


  • Diversity Day Celebration is November 25th...don't forget to turn in your forms!
  • Student Council is collecting food for Manna On Main Street until December 19th! Drop off donations in the school lobby. How much can we collect??

Save the Date...

Coming up in the next 2 weeks

November 25: Home & School Meeting, 7pm - Theme: Celebrating Diversity

November 27 - 28: No School, Thanksgiving Break

A Window Into Class...

Sharing the learning at Knapp through pictures, tweets and  links.

Great things happen in the classrooms everyday. Here's a glimpse from last week.

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In celebration of National Family Literacy Month: NCFL shares 30 days of learning activities:

Leading up to our Diversity Day Celebration, here is an extensive list of books for children and adults from Debbie Ravacon's ParentCamp session on Growing Up In A Diverse World:

"Praise the Process, Not the Result" A post on Growth Mindset by Dr Spike Cook following his ParentCamp session:

Online Safety for Kids: