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January 20, 2015

Most Important News...

Students in Ms Morrison's Class providing feedback to one another on Text Dependent Analysis

(If nothing else, read this part.)

Next Tuesday at 7:00pm, Student Council will be our guest for the Home & School meeting. The students in this club not only supports our school and events in several ways, they also do many things to give back to our local community. Please join us to hear the students and Mr Calvaresi speak about what they have done so far and what they will be doing the remainder of the school year.

Join us in person (in the Knapp IMC), or on online by clicking the button below.

Student Council Service Project now through February: Warmth for Winter!         See details HERE

Math Night is on February 5th, we will transform our gymnasium into Candyland! Please consider lending a hand in donating supplies needed to make this a sweet success. Any questions, contact Mrs Sherman at

Flyers went out Friday for Lip Sync. It is open to all students in grades 4, 5 and 6. This is an event that requires helping hands leading up to the event and on the night of (March 6th). Please let Mrs Kravitz ( or Laurie Spencer ( know if you are interested and/or available. Volunteer opportunities include preparing the program for printing, order t-shirts, ordering the pretzels and water bottles, supervising students during rehearsal, selling tickets at the door.

Home and School...

In the coming months we will be planning our activities calendar, budget and accepting nominations for various Home and School board positions for the 2015-2016 school year. (It seems far away...but it will be here before we know it.)

FIRST...Is there an something we do not offer that you would like to see at Knapp? Do you have an idea on how to improve something we already do? We always welcome and are open to feedback and ideas...keep them coming! Submit at link below, email us, or talk to us in person.

SECOND...We are forever grateful for our families and staff for donating their time and energy. There is not one event or activity that would happen without your help. YOU are why our students have the opportunities that they do.

If you want to see an event happen next year, please consider signing up now to lead, co-lead or volunteer. Only activities with chairpersons will go on our calendar for next year. Board members are only asked to chair one event each year, so there are many open opportunities remaining.

FINALLY...Home and School Board nominations. The board is made up of families. Individuals that are just like you and I. They work. Have busy lives. Are interested in playing a part in making a difference for their child and others at Knapp. Are willing to give an hour of their time each month. They are not all from one circle of friends. Our home and school needs individuals (male and female) that represent our community. Individuals with students in various grades with a variety of learning styles, from various cultures and neighborhoods. It is what ensures that we are doing what is best for ALL students at Knapp.

We do not throw you to the sharks. We are there to support each other in our positions. So please, consider volunteering to be a part of the board. Submit your name on the "I wish..." form or add it to the nomination form when it comes out.

Congratulations to Mrs Callan and our 5th and 6th grade chorus members! They put on a spectacular performance last week at the Choral Showcase. You can watch the NPTV video below. Note: Knapp performance begins at 1:29:30. The final song performed by 766 North Penn students (including Knapp and Knapp alumni) is a must watch also.


It is cold outside...please send students to school with coats, hats and mittens/gloves.

Please drive slowly and watch for children when entering and exiting the school...especially during drop-off and pick-up when so many kids are walking.

Save the Date...

Coming up:

January 22: Dine out Night

January 30: Sports Spirit Day

January 27: Home & School Meeting at 7pm featuring Knapp Student Council

March 6: Lip Sync at 7pm

A Window Into Class...

Sharing the learning at Knapp through pictures, tweets and  links.

Great things happen in the Knapp classrooms everyday. Here's a glimpse from last week.

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