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Values-Based Wealth Allocation

Founded on the principles of trust, integrity, honesty, and success, the Knelman Asset Management Group (KAMG) honors the responsibilities granted to it as a steward of wealth. The firm understands the faith that a client places in its knowledge and ability when the client chooses to invest. In recognition, the Knelman Asset Management Group communicates regularly and clearly with its clientele. 

Knelman offers a combined investment strategy on a discretionary basis. The firm balances equity with fixed-income allocations to provide the most appropriate distribution for each client's financial goals and appetite for risk. KAMG makes equity investments in companies with high growth potential and competitive standing in the market, while its fixed-income placements strive to protect client wealth and to bring an absolute or steady return. As an added benefit, the firm offers an asset-allocation policy statement by request.

An Overview of Municipal Bonds

For more than a decade, the Knelman Asset Management Group has striven to maintain the values of trust, honesty, integrity, and success. The Minneapolis firm offers a variety of financial management products and services, including fixed-income investment strategies. In this area, Knelman Asset Management focuses primarily on municipal bond markets.

Municipal bonds represent an investment option for individuals wishing to secure a consistent source of income while benefiting their communities. Issued by states, counties, and municipalities, municipal bonds are debt securities that are used to finance local expenditures. A city or state may use municipal bonds to build roads, schools, hospitals, or other infrastructure projects for the benefit of the public.

When purchasing a municipal bond, an individual is essentially loaning money to a government entity to finance such projects. State and local governments return bond principals to holders by a specified date, in addition to repaying interest throughout the bond maturity period, often semi-annually. Many municipal bonds are tax-exempt on the federal, state, and local levels. Alternatively, some bonds are taxed federally while offering exemptions at the state and local levels for paid interest collected by local residents.

YMCA Twin Cities Offers Numerous Child Care and Preschool Options

The team at Knelman Asset Management Group of Minneapolis strives to provide each of its clients the best possible return on investment. Outside of pursuing its investment strategies, Knelman Asset Management believes in giving back to its community. The firm’s CEO, Kip Knelman, has sat on the board of YMCA Twin Cities for the last eight years and currently serves as Chairman of its Investment Committee, which oversees both the Metropolitan YMCA's Endowment and Land Fund.

YMCA Twin Cities offers myriad programs for members, including child care and preschool options. At local YMCA facilities, children are divided into age groups so that staff can focus on distinct areas of development. Specific information on the type of care and instruction for each age group follows below.

For children ages six weeks to 16 months, teachers build bonds by promoting self-awareness and relationships with others. The staff incorporates parental requests into its care and instruction.

Adults leading the 16- to 33-month group emphasize communication and self-control. Children learn about vocabulary and enjoy visual arts, music, and dance, as well as healthful eating.

Children in the 33-month to four-year group participate in prewriting exercises, such as name recognition and making letters. Pre-reading instruction covers rhyming and letter recognition.

Those in the four- to five-year age group prepare for kindergarten through learning about subjects like social studies, mathematics, science, and the arts. Emotional developments include cooperative problem solving and reading social cues.

For more information on the child care and preschool options at YMCA Twin Cities, please visit

YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities CEO Nominated for Ice Bucket Challenge

Kip Knelman, has worked with multimillion dollar portfolios for more than 40 years, culminating in a senior management position at Knelman Asset Management Group. In order to support the city’s healthy growth and development, the Knelman Asset Management Group has maintained a presence on the board of the YMCA in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, now called the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities.

Glen Gunderson, the current CEO of YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, was challenged by U.S. Bancorp CEO Richard Davis in August to participate in the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has swept the nation. The challenge requires nominees to douse themselves in water or pay $100 to the ALS Association, though many participants still donate to the nonprofit after facing the ice water.

ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The progressive neurodegenerative disease causes motor neurons in the spine and brain to die, resulting in gradual paralysis without affecting mental function. ALS is diagnosed in approximately 5,600 people each year, and there is no cure to reverse its symptoms. To date, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $53.3 million for research.

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