How Hospital And Restaurant Pagers Ensure Better Experience And Efficient Operation

It has been already proved that hospital and restaurant pager system can effectively improve communication with patients and customers by minimizing the time required for waiting under often congested and stressful situations. A hospital pager which is also often called a patient pager is given to a patient at the time of registering him for treatment or consultation. Every pager has a unique number that is then noted against a patient’s name. This allows the patient to move around and wait at a comfortable press and when his turn comes he will receive a notification via the pager.

The operation is more or less with restaurant pagers those not only let customers know whenever their table is ready allowing them to freely move around but they also streamline operations for lower efficiency and reduced cost of operation. As 9 out of 10 people now use cell phones and to be more precise smartphones a growing number of restaurants now use restaurant cell phone pagers or smartphone apps for the same purpose. It is certainly a better option than the old style of giving a pager to the customers as the required investment is much lower and also there is no chance of pagers getting lost completely eliminating pager replacement cost.

Restaurant pager system now available reduces the upfront cost by almost 90% and also comes with a host of features for most enjoyable guest experience. They are designed for identifying, engaging and retaining the maximum number of waiting guests as they are most likely to wait for their table because they are no more restricted in the congested waiting area and after booking their table can freely roam around only to turn up after receiving the notification. A good restaurant pager system also comes with visual menus for keeping the guests engaged and many of the systems now available allow guests to post on the restaurant’s Facebook page and sharing their experience.

But there is one area that most restaurants have still now overlooked about restaurant pagers and that is their ability of collecting valuable customer data that can be used for various marketing programs. With the rise in number of smartphone users guests can also opt to enroll themselves for restaurant promotional e-mail lists, loyalty programs and other similar events.

Both restaurant and hospital pager work in more or less the same way as the patient and the guest registers his phone number for the paging service. He instantly receives a text message confirming his registration or booking. In many cases, especially for the restaurants, the guests are then prompted to download and install an application for establishing a direct line of digital contact. The application then allows the guest to checkout all featured menu items and they can also see their current standing in the waiting list. Whenever the table is ready they receive another text message. The process is simple and the systems are also easy to operate and everything can be done from a tablet or a smartphone. These systems can really add to the bottom-line of your business and if you want to learn more about how you can use them for maximum benefit – you can visit

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