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Computer Literacy

I like turtles or animals in general my favorite animal is a elaphant but cleary I cant  have a elaphant as a pet so i have four turtles I enjoy video games but don't play obsesvively  I would perfer to be on my bike than  stay inside all day  it would be cool to be arcitech for a job but theres one con  it requires math am not bad at math but am not super good at it either I used to be in karate but I quit because it was to easy and also i got bored on it

Computer History

The history of computers amazing how we came to a computer that can easily fit in our pocket it is really amazing  how we progressed so much these years okay  now lets get down to the actual history first it was a abucas and then the simple computer that was used to do simple multiplucation problems using punch cards then when the first computer that did actualy store data was the eniac  it was used to guide bombs which you can guess was during world war 2 now look at the computer below then look at the computer your currently using

Computer Components

as you can see here you can see all the described parts

the components of a computer are actualy really interasting if you really get to open up a computer so to store the memory is the ROM is the long term for temp storage like websites is RAM it is to store all that junk that you wont need to take up space in your ROM then use it for more important  things like essays then the disk drive to see movies on your computer other than that  those are the important  theres the hard drive  this thing stores every thing that has been in your computer ever since you open up your first website intil it breaks the and does not even turn on then the card slots to insert graphic cards video cards and sound cards and the power supply to make the whole thing work then the start of it all the motherboard its were all components conect

The Internet

So the web is a easy way to find information. Do you ever wonder what is happening in the brain of the interweb you see. So you know the basics like which web browser your using or the search engine your using. These are the simple things you will need for knowing what your using in the internet you know the wired signs at the the bottom of your desktop that is your web browser now look at the top when you open a tab that is the the search bar as you can see for example try typing inGoogle that is a search a search engine some examples for a search engine is yahoo askBing and my personal favorite Google those are some examples oh yea chrome Firefox and exploder are some web browser did you know that when type somthing in the engine is searching a index of the web this are called the spiders well maybe that you know about the web hope you can share this information with a friend or two that is the web keep searching fellow web users

Website Creitbility

As you know the internet is go source to find information but sometimes people can lie anyone these days can make a websites even a you. As you know there are websites that do have legit information for example everything your reading here is the truth first you can tell by the grammar common now its first grade. so are they trying to sell you anything if they are if it has anything to do with what your reading then its OK. by the way I am selling a mug for a million dollars buy now. Also there a easy way to find this C.R.A.A.P. I know it sounds weird but its true you see this website tried to convince the world that a octopus live in trees

Productivity Tools

Have you ever had to write a essay or make a power point. These are tools to help you make your work more efficient or productive. Well this is going to help you know some tips secrets and more in this article if you want to call it.First let's go over the more well known Microsoft word  in case you don't already know. Microsoft word is program that you can write essays friendly letters and much more. If you see a red line under the word you just wrote that means you misspelled that word if you a green line under a phrase that means that there is grammatical error in that phrase and  blue means a punctuation error  if you want to fix it quickly. You right click it and it will give you suggestion up above the word. The most import an part of this tool is the tool box or the more proper name the ribbon up in the ribbon you will see lots and lots of options. In the ribbon you will be able to change things such as font color of the sentence or the word.You can also highlight certain parts of the paragraph and bold letters. There is another website similar to Microsoft word it is called.

Microsoft power point here you can make slide shows presentations and more for these sites you can pretty much do any thing you want with it but I am just showing the obvious uses for these sites but back to power point so you still have the tool box at the top of the work space of the desktop but this time in the ribbon you can do things such as change transitions of the slide. Which means ho wit looks when goes to slide to slide which looks really cool if you don't put to much or very little animation on it. Which brings me to a other very interesting topic there are these things that are called animations they make these pictures light and special effects like that sort of thing and one thing that i forgot to mention that you can get non copy right pictures in a section called clip art any ways. On power point you can change the timings to change in 20 seconds if you wanted to.

Also the more complicated one excel. Exel  is more for graphing and things related to that kind of stuff for example you want to make a graph of some sort then you can go onto this  program first when you get there you will see rectangles that is the default graph on the ribbon you will have the option to change the size of the rectangles to squares if you want to or need to.  you can also make graph pictures for  any reason of some sort you may understand more with the video

digital foot print

a digital footprint is the path you leave behind when your born to when you die and maybe beyond that day so you have to be honest truth full kind and nice for example if you go to jail that will be recorded online and your kids might look at this and say wow my dad was a mess you probably don't want that so when you do anything online or just casual that can impact your future so now if you are always kind online then all the path you leave online should be positive and if you are looking at this now then my digital path should be positive based of this and my tackk also by the way check out my tackk just a bit of free advertisement there. so what im pretty much saying is that you respect people and when online and in real life be nice to others because now and days anything can get online so this is the best way to know if you are leaving a nice paved path or are you leaving a big sloppy one






digital citizen

In case you might not know what your online citizen ship is. Then this is the right tackk page thingy. anyways this is the way you treat others on the line aka online if you treat people nicely then you will be a fair citizen of the inter web but in that case there won't always be nice people on the web so stay alert for those types of people in case you ever come face to face or in this case screen to screen you will need to proceed with caution or if you want to call it P.W.C  these types of people lets call these people screen jerks. Screen jerks will try to make you feel down and the solution to this is to turn off your computer and do something else.


Typing was surprisingly fun at some times we would go on keyboarding online which was fun on some occasions but the annoying part was having to be super  fast thought i liked nitro types and the other games we would play overall i think it was okay  but the times we were just there siting typing constantly the music was relaxing though

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