Media coverage and Muslim Women

Muslim women

What do media especially internet tell us about Muslim women?

        First, Internet gives us ideas that all Muslim women suppose to have always their heads covered. In fact, if you look up Muslim women pictures online, you will be surprised that every woman shown on the picture is wearing either niqab, Burqa or hijab that covers their heads. It makes me wonder if Muslim women who do not cover their heads are not truly Muslims.

         Second,  Internet covers Muslim women as victims of their families or their communities who cannot make their own decisions or choices. In 2014, a Sudanese Muslim woman picture was circulating on the internet especially on Facebook and twitter. This woman was facing the Sudanese justice because she was marrying a christian man.

Another Muslim female in Italy was beaten to death by her father and other male relatives for not behaving like a Muslim woman.

        In his article, Daniel Greenfield provides statistics of the violence against Muslim women in Bangladeshi. According to Greenfield's article "The survey found that domestic violence is present in most Bangladeshi households. Last year, 77 per cent of respondents admitted that they had been abused. Of these, 50 per cent had sustained serious injuries, but one in three women refused to go to hospital for fear of retaliation by the husband". His article also states that beating a woman is one of the Islam teachings.

Although Greenfield states that Islam promotes domestic violence, he does not provide the lines from Quran to support this argument.

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