Mobile Apps for Learning

GoogleEarth/Google World Wonders Project

GoogleEarth and the Google World Wonders Project are great applications that can be used in a K-12 classroom.  These applications can fit into any grade of Social Studies, and can enable students to use "street view" to accurately and immediately view an area, and see what it is like without actually being there.  

Luminos - Astronomy companion

Luminos is an application that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.  It is an application that can be used on an iPhone or iPad to learn about the night sky, and, when the device is held up to the night sky, can actually guide the user to where certain stars and  plants can be found.

This mobile app could be used during the day in a classroom to give students a fun and interesting way to learn about the night sky.  If students are able to take the mobile device containing Luminos home for the evening, they will be able to chart the location of stars using the guiding function.


Duolingo is a free mobile app that can be downloaded from iTunes.  It is a fun, interactive game that helps students to learn another language for free, without advertising.

This mobile app could be used when first learning a new language (it includes Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English), or when studying for a test in any of these subjects.  Students could get this app for free on mobile devices in the classroom, or onto their own mobile devices and work on it from home.


PollEverywhere is a free Internet application that enables students to respond to poll-type questions using their mobile devices.

This application could be used in a classroom to check student understanding of a topic in class that was covered that day, or as a review at the end of a unit before a test.  The instructor can create the poll in advance, and students can respond to the question, and then immediately check their answers.  

Musee de Louvre

This mobile app, which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, provides information about the collection of artwork at the Musee de Louvre.

This application can be used in a Social Studies, Art, or Art History classroom to learn more about the Louvre as a building, and the artwork contained within it. Students can  look up specific art pieces, and then receive information about it using their mobile devices


myHomeworkmyHomework is a free app that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.  This mobile app can be used across a variety of devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or computer.  It is an organizational mobile app that helps students to learn organizational skills.

This app can be used in the classroom to program information into the device so that students are able to keep track of their deadlines, assignments, and timetables.  

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