The Beginning of Baseball

Baseball can be traced back very far. It has evolved over time from other games and there is no specific date nor man who has created this great sport. Baseball was just a backyard sport during the mid 1800's until 1871 when it turned professional. The name of the league was the National Association. It was one of five major leagues in which four of those have failed. Of the five were the National Association, the Union Association, the Players League, the American Association, and the one that lasted until present time, the National League which is now known as the MLB.

The National League was established on February 2, 1876 by Chicago buisnessman William Hubbert. It held its first game at Philadelphia's Jefferson Street Grounds between Philadelphia and Boston in which Boston won 6-5. Its original eight were the Chicago White Stockings, the Philadelphia Athletics, the Boston Red Stockings, the Hartford Dark Blues, the Mutual of New York, the St. Louis Brown Stockings, the Louisville greys and the Cincinnati Red Stockings which they call the first major league team ever.

Along with the National League came the American League, which was formed by Byron Bancroft Johnson and established in 1901. It held it's first game on April 24 where the Chicago White Stocking beat the Cleveland Blues 8-2. Its original eight were the Baltimore Orioles, the Boston Americans, the Chicago White Stockings, the Cleveland Blues, the Detroit Tigers, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Philadelphia Athletics and the Washington Senators.

The first World Series in this league took place in 1903 where the Boston Americans played the Pittsburgh Pirates in a best out of the nine series. The Boston Americans won the last four games to win the series five games to three.

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