Nicholas Frescas

Dr. Seuss

            For my report I am going to do Dr.Seuss. One of my reasons for choosing this person is that I like reading. Another reason is that I like his books; they are funny because of the rhyming words. My final reason is that he created, made up creatures that I like.

            Ted Seuss Geisel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1904. When he was little his mom would read him rhymes to make him go to sleep. When Ted Geisel was a little boy he loved to read. He also loved to write books and illustrate them.

            When Ted Geisel was older he went to Dartmouth College. Ted Geisel was a cartoonist and wrote articles for Dartmouth College. Ted Geisel got the name Dr. Seuss by drinking in college. When they caught him, he changed his name to Dr. Seuss so he could still be write the articles in the Dartmouth College paper and no one would know who it was. Schools celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 10th.

          Dr. Seuss always wrote and illustrated books. One of his gjobs was to draw advertisements. A lot of his books rhymed. He wrote a lot of fiction books about imaginary creatures. He wrote over 60 children books.


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