The last hours of freedom

Anne Frank Tackk,Justyn Dancy,5th period

I think Act 2, Scene 4, is very important because thats when Anne frank and her family been hiding for 2 years and now the nazi have found out were they live and have now captured Anne frank and her family and by this point in the story Anne Frank isn't scared anymore she has gotten used to the death and horrible things that are going on in her life and she now is missing the little things that she used to do. What Anne Frank was trying to tell peter was how life is to short and she was telling him how that even thought they have been hiding for 2 years that he needs to not stress about it or get mad about it because it's somebody out there that could be in the worst situation than he is and Anne is trying to tell him to be thankful that they are not captured and have food and have people that love them and that risk there life everyday to make sure they eat and that they are okay (Act 2,scene 4, page 952) this quote describe Anne growing up and getting mature and not acting scared and she is growing into a women.The reason Anne is having this conversation with peter is because he is complaining and it seems that Anne is really trying to tell peter to have an imagination because she tells him how when she gets down or when her and her mother was mad with each other she go and looks out the window and she thinks about the good days when there were no killing and no war and how her and her friend Pim used to walk around the park were the jonquils and the crocus and the violets grow down the slope.( Act 2, scene 4, page 951) She also tells Peter that she wish he would have a religion and peter thought she was talking about God or Heaven or Hell but she meant she want him to believe in something.Anne tells Peter that she wants to learn more about nature and how she never really thought she would be interested into nature and she tries to tell and show peter the beauty of the world and she also tell him that he needs to have faith (Act 2, Scene 4, page 951)because he tells her how he hates being cooped in the house and how they were going be stuck in there forever but she tells him that one day even in hundred there is going to be a change were jews don't have to hide for there life but he tells how he wants something to happen now (Act 2, Scene 4, page 952) . The reason i chose the picture that i did because it shows the pain and suffering in his that he wants to be free but he has no say so thats why freedom is on his mouth because thats what he wants but can't get and thats why i chose that picture.

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