Eric Shelton of Texas: Staying Hungry

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman, president of his own company, and a manager and motivational speaker for his employees. Eric says that being in a leadership position in any industry requires a certain level of finesse and composure that others lack. Eric says that just by being in a certain status you are expected to behave in a certain way that is conducive to productivity in the working environment. Eric says that you also have to have a certain eye and understanding of character, a way of reading people that goes above and beyond the norm. Eric says once you possess this, you will be able to distinguish what does and does not make a good employee. Eric says that in his experience he has witnessed that the best employees are ones who are hungry, hungry for growth and opportunity, for knowledge. Eric says that this hunger is what makes them so willing to learn and improve at their job, and remain actively involved within the company. Eric says that this appetite is something that you as a manager will begin to look for in potential hires because they will usually represent the highest level of growth and return on investment, a priority concern for any business owner.

Eric Shelton of Texas says that you cannot always expect your employees to remain hungry on their own however, and sometimes their appetite needs to be whetted again. Eric says that by initiating several programs that increase employee interest in the company, you can reawaken that inner appetite and make sure everyone wants to grow together. Eric says that if everyone is after the same goal, they will compete with each other, which is the fastest route to excellence in any field.

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