Inspired by the best seller "StormBreaker"
By Anthony Horowitz

"Alex Rider: Operation Storm Breaker"  lives up to the expectations of Alex Rider fans world wide.  With all of the original gadgets and gear this movie is set for success.    It tells the original story of Alex Rider and is almost parallel to the book.  The movie was action packed and full of adventure.  But the movie did not do the book its full justice.  Many readers where disappointed in the relationship between Alex and his father witch was never fully addressed in the movie.  Also the movie added parts from the next books and even scenes and characters that where not in any of the Alex Rider books.  But even with these flaws,  "Alex Rider: Operation Storm Breaker"  was still a great movie.


Storm breaker is yet another wonderfully crafted book by Anthony Horowitz.  As always Horowitz keeps his books on a knifes edge through the entire novel.  Storm Breaker is about a 14 year old boy named Alex Rider.  His father has recently passed in a mysterious car accident.  Alex's entire world is about to be rocked as he finds out his father was not just an average banker, but a spy for MI6 and they want him, a 14 year old boy to pick up where his father left off.  Alex is in for a nonstop thrill ride in this suspenseful action adventure book full of gadgets, explosions, and espionage!