Lcd Video Walls – Modernising Controls Rooms With Amazing Display Capabilities

When you consider the best display technology that was used ten years ago, you will begin to realise exactly how far we have come today. The systems used in the last decade will be actually called primitive when you compare them to the amazing pieces of display tech available these days at the disposal of people. High end graphics that are put up on huge screen in true detail – now that is something that wasn’t even possible just a few years back. It is a revolution that has been brought about by LCD video walls and display systems.

The old counterparts of modern day video wall systems were a wasting investment to begin with, especially when you compare their capabilities with what you can do with today’s technology. They added little to the user/viewer’s comparative ability to manage critical information. Large front and rear projectors were the only real choice available and they too were extremely expensive. The biggest problem with these systems was their unreliability. Plus the system was difficult to maintain and an owner would have to enter into heavy duty service contracts just to keep the system in running condition at all times. That and the added issue of no redundancy in case of projection lamp failure made the old display systems a complete money wasting drain! And if you would think that all these efforts would at least yield effective display results, you are very much mistaken. These images were low in quality and sharpness and true details was effectively a dream. These systems were just considered an eye candy of sorts – they made a control room look good but they didn’t do much in terms of effectiveness of the display.

And the best part is that these devices have created an impact on many different applications, not just as an effective marketing medium. Modern day control rooms make use of this technology to provide their personnel with the power of high definition imagery and real time data streaming. These video wall systems employ a matrix of interconnected LCD screens capable of putting up a customisable display that is in tandem with the requirements of the users. The software operating in the background with these devices allows the operator to acquire and display more information faster than with older methods. This means better and faster decision making and providing the personnel with the capability of keeping an eye on every little detail of the image/scene they are observing.

And high end display capabilities aren’t all that these systems are good for. They come with many handy features that make data processing and use convenient and manageable. These systems allow you to reach out on the data network and bring in an almost unlimited number of sources to the video wall. They are scalable too which means that as the network grows, the system’s capabilities grow too to incorporate the increased usage requirements that you expect from it. Modern day control rooms owe much to video wall systems and solutions.

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