Kofi Boateng

Kofi Boateng - Experienced Utilities Professional

As director of a Public Utility department owned by the City of Newport News, serving regional customers in the Virginia Peninsula, Kofi Boateng draws on more than 24 years of public services experience. He entered the industry in 1989 as operations supervisor for purification and distribution for the City of Dallas Water Utilities, where he oversaw maintenance of water systems for more than 2 million residents while also investigating and implementing service improvement and corrosion control projects. Kofi Boateng then brought his skills to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), the third largest operational airport worldwide, where he served as infrastructure manager and utilities engineer for five years before returning to city service as operations manager.

In 2000, Kofi Boateng relocated to Washington, D.C., where he became director of the DCWater's Department of Water Services. Over the next five years, he collaborated with government authorities to address regulatory and compliance concerns across the District. Mr. Boateng left Washington, D.C., for Boynton Beach in 2005 where he served for about 8 years as that City's Utility Director.