Technology Causes Laziness

Do we think so...?


Gaming has caused many people to turn lazy.  Sitting on a bed or couch starring at a screen, also burning our eyes.  Gamers also buy "Doritos" because their good and easy to grab and eat too (yum...). Gamers also don't go outside and do stuff, so their losing speaking skills in the outside world.

Fast Food

     Fast food is an easy and unhealthy habit that people don't care about.  If people would just go to "McDonalds" every day of our life we would die because we are so lazy.  Now, if you could a home cooked meal your at a high chance you lost some calories by eating smaller calories than "Mcdonalds". Americans today have foreigners doing their work for less cost making other Americans very unhappy and turn basically lazy after that.

Social Media

Facebook,Twitter,Snapchat,Pintrest,etc.  Those medias' have caused so many Americans to become very lazy.  Starting back to 1971 first email didn't cause laziness it help the people travel messaging faster. MySpace was released 2003 the first ever social media besides AOL, they never count any ways. So from 1971 Americans were very healthy then too 2003 we started getting lazy,then 2004 Facebook was born,2005 Facebook becomes popular.

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