Konstantin Bas - Business Manager - To-Do Lists

Konstantin Bas is a construction manager who has worked as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in his field since 2007. In addition to his Associate’s in Construction Management, Bas holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a certification in Business Development. Though the specifics of the aforementioned educational paths differ, each has its own focus on effective management of to-do lists.

To-do lists are integral for the efficient function of many seasoned business managers like Konstantin Bas. To make their lists of effective, many such professionals use tactics like those outlined below:

Group Similar Tasks – By grouping similar tasks on a to-do list, you create repetition that can build momentum. For example, if your to-do list includes three filing tasks, group them and complete them in one go. The repetition of an otherwise-undesirable task allows the three separate projects to move faster.

Create Sequences for Speed – Breaking projects into sequences designed to increase speed, you mentally encourage all parties to keep working. For example, place the most time-consuming tasks at the top of the list and the shortest ones at the bottom. As the day progresses, the list’s tasks become easier, which is encouraging. This method is sometimes known as “eat the frog first.”

Be Ahead by Halftime – If you complete more than half of your tasks before noon, or at least the largest tasks, you are more likely to finish the day strong. Getting ahead before half of the day is over is motivating and creates a feeling of accomplishment.

Whether you’re heading into construction management for a career similar to Konstantin Bas’s or you’re beginning a more general management career, making strategic lists will likely improve your career skills. Find the methods that work best for you and then apply them to daily life so that you can refine their effectiveness on a regular basis.

Konstantin Bas - Construction Management Tips

Konstantin Bas is a construction manager with decades of experience and nearly a decade as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a London, England, construction management company. He holds both an Associate’s in Construction Management and a Bachelor’s in Business Management.

Despite Konstantin Bas’s qualifications, he consistently reads about his trade to further his knowledge on the subject. Through such a self-education process, a manager might learn and apply tips like those touched on below:

  • Establish Communication Flow – Flow of communication is among the most important elements of management. News, good or bad, should be communicated promptly and information should be accurate and useful. Once you establish a system for keeping communicating flowing, management and team alike will benefit.
  • Plan Continuously – Construction managers spend the majority of their time planning, even before a project begins. The pre-construction phases, design, budget and stages require continuous planning to keep them updated with current situations. When unexpected problems arise, plans must change accordingly, and even small adjustments can make big impacts. As a rule, planning is the longest step of a project.
  • Work Alongside Others – Working alongside your team is about more than a figurative teamwork mindset. Construction managers benefit from observing their team firsthand and working alongside them to better grasp what needs to be done.

It takes time to establish yourself as a top construction manager in any area, as Konstantin Bas has done over the past two decades. It also requires diligent learning efforts to improve and to stay updated on the latest tips.

Konstantin Bas, Construction Manager - Improving Decision Making

Konstantin Bas, construction manager, business manager and business developer, is an experienced professional who is versed in making critical decisions. Whether for his company, with which he is CEO (Chief Executive Officer), for his personal endeavors or within his mentor/mentee relationships, Bas exercises his decision making skill often. In fact, he might not be where he is today without it.

If you envy the decision making ability of seasoned construction managers like Konstantin Bas, focus on improving to bring your skills up to a similar level. Tips like those below can help:

  • Assess the Situation – Understanding the current situation, past performance and upcoming goals will help you understand reoccurring patterns. With a comprehensive view on patterns and the present situation, you can find clarity and better approach an upcoming decision.
  • Set Benchmarks – Established benchmarks related to present performance and how your team compares to others in the area can increase morale through competition. This allows you, and other organizations, to clearly assess performance and to better understand what needs to be improved, guiding your decisions.
  • Track Big Data – Seek real-time access to data like audio, text, photography and video generated by related companies. Many construction management companies share this information, known as “big data,” through cloud technology for mutual benefit, and it can provide you with information needed to make critical decisions.

For those who would like further information on how to improve decision making, seeking mentorship is often useful. Professionals like Konstantin Bas are typically happy to offer guidance to young and old businesspeople alike.

Konstantin Bas - Improving Business Development

Konstantin Bas, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a England construction management company since 2007, is a business developer who has held his certification in the field for nearly two decades. As a seasoned business developer, Bas has worked not only on his current company, but on other now-successful organizations, which has created a positive local reputation.

To achieve such a reputation as a business development specialist, you must work to improve your skills. For example, those new to business development can apply tips like those listed below and, if necessary, seek the aid of an experienced professional like Konstantin Bas for further assistance.

  • Responsibility Above All Else – Regardless of whether you fail or succeed in business development, take responsibility for your actions and ask all involved parties to do the same. Every team member should take responsibility for his or her part in a development effort regardless of the outcome.
  • Consider and Understand Opportunity – After assessing an opportunity, ensure that all involved parties fully understand its benefits before proceeding. This eliminates confusion and allows for clearer vision prior to decision making.
  • Approach Deals Carefully – Doing the right deals is different from simply making deals. Approach each deal with a seasoned dealmaker to provide insight and to avoid focusing on the wrong incentives.
  • Seek Legal Aid – Seeking legal aid from the beginning will allow creation of terms that define what will happen in both worst- and best-case scenarios. This added security benefits all parties involved.

Regardless of if you reach out to a reputable business development specialist like Konstantin Bas, studying tips like those above will improve your craft and, hopefully, lead to great success.